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 2017-01-09 DSA-3756 icoutils - security update

Choongwoo Han discovered that a programming error in the wrestool tool of the icoutils suite allows denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed binary is parsed.

 2017-01-08 DSA-3755 tomcat8 - security update

It was discovered that incorrect error handling in the NIO HTTP connector of the Tomcat servlet and JSP engine could result in information disclosure.

 2017-01-08 DSA-3754 tomcat7 - security update

It was discovered that incorrect error handling in the NIO HTTP connector of the Tomcat servlet and JSP engine could result in information disclosure.

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 2016-11-15T01:19:56Z PHP
How to update to PHP 7.0
 2016-11-15T00:36:20Z DebianScience/Sage
Uploaded jupyter-notebook to devel apt.
 2016-11-14T22:37:44Z DebianSingleSignOn
Update the test URLS now the Ever Amazing Enrico has fixed them.   [more] [xml]
 Fri, 20 Jan 2017 07:00:00 -0800 Solus Goes Flatpak for Better, Reliable Distribution of Third-Party Applications

 softpedia: Solus is a independently-develop operating system for desktops, using its own desktop manager called Budgie, which currently relies on the GNOME Stack

 Fri, 20 Jan 2017 06:00:00 -0800 Docker 1.13 Prunes Containers, Improves Security

eWEEK: The Docker 1.13 release introduces multiple new commands including prune and squash, which can help containers to use disk space more efficiently.

 Fri, 20 Jan 2017 05:00:00 -0800 A complete AWS environment with Terraform

LinuxAcademy: The purpose of this article is to show a full AWS environment built using the Terraform automation platform.

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 Thu, 19 Jan 2017 21:58:38 GMT Yes, science is political
Over the past few weeks, we've gotten notes from Verge Science readers wondering why news from the incoming Trump administration has seeped into our science coverage. I wasn't surprised: it's tempting to believe that science is apolitical. But science and politics are plainly related: science is the pursuit of knowledge, knowledge is power, and power is politics. The scientific method consists of generating a hypothesis, attempting to disprove the hypothesis through testing, and accumulating those tests to come up with shared knowledge. And that method also contains ideology: our observed, shared world is the real world. This ideology even has a name: empiricism. An incoming president who clearly picks and chooses facts to suit his own version of the world changes the relationship between science and culture, in potentially destructive ways. "To be taught to read - what is the use of that, if you know not whether what you read is false or true? To be taught to write or to speak - but what is the use of speaking, if you have nothing to say? To be taught to think - nay, what is the use of being able to think, if you have nothing to think of? But to be taught to see is to gain word and thought at once, and both true." Tomorrow, in a mirror, darkly.
 Thu, 19 Jan 2017 21:47:47 GMT Tesla's Autosteer lowered crash rate by almost 40%
The administration's analysis of Autosteer was more positive about its capabilities. After analyzing mileage and airbag deployment data for Model S and Model X cars equipped with Autopilot, the NHTSA concluded that "the Tesla vehicles' crash rate dropped by almost 40 percent after Autosteer installation." Wait, you mean to tell me a computer who doesn't get sleepy or distracted and doesn't need to pee is better at keeping an eye on the road than a human? Say it isn't so.
 Thu, 19 Jan 2017 21:42:28 GMT FAP80: a retro computer without the retro baggage
FAP80 is a Z80-based retro computer with a sprinkling of modern twists to make the experience of designing, programming, and debugging this computer as painless and straightforward as possible. A lot of retro computer projects today are rooted on nostalgia, they tend to use "period correct" components to get the "feelings" right, and the result often ends up on perfboard or self-etched circuit boards, rudimentary video capacity if at all, few I/O ports, and a symphony of 74 series chips. While there is nothing wrong with that, I wasn't around during the 80s home computer era, so I didn't have the same attachment to how things was done back then. So instead of trying to recreate the "good old days", I made the decision to liberally use modern parts to simplify the design process, as well as making this computer highly flexible and easy to program and use with very little overheads. The creator's blog has more detailed information about the project. News   [more] [xml]
 2017-01-18T13:57:47+00:00 Distribution Release: Vinux 5.1
The Vinux distribution is an Ubuntu-based project developed for blind and partially sighted people. Vinux provides screen readers, Braille support and high contrast icons. The latest release from the project, Vinux 5.1, is based on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS and offers three desktop environments: Unity 7.2.4, GNOME 3.10.4 and....
 2017-01-17T12:40:01+00:00 Distribution Release: antiX 16.1
A new version of antiX, a Debian-based distribution featuring a simple desktop built around several lightweight and rarely-used window managers, has been released: "antiX 16.1 'Berta Cáceres' released. Bug-fix version, including all updates from Debian 'Jessie' and security-patched kernels. Existing users of antiX 16 do not need to....
 2017-01-16T00:10:10+00:00 DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 695
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Zorin OS 12 "Core" News: Peppermint team fixes installer bug, Debian releases new installation media, Fedora changes Intel video driver, Ubuntu improves low graphics mode, Everyday Linux User reviews distros of 2016 Questions and answers: Exciting things coming in 2017 Released last....

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