IceWM configuration in Debian

What is IceWM?

IceWM is a window manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency. It is able to emulate the looks of Motif, OS/2, and Windows, and allows you to have a customizable look using pixmaps

IceWM Features

Fully usable with keyboard
Alt+Tab window switching
Efficient resource usage
Task bar (optional)
Multiple workspaces
Usable with GNOME and KDE environments

Download IceWM


RPM package:

IceWM Howto

IceWM Theme Creation Howto

IceWM Manual

IceWM Themes

IceWM Screenshots

IceWM Homepage

Install IceWM Debian

#apt-get install icewm

If you want to install icewm themes in debian you need to run the following command

#apt-get install icewm-themes